Welcome to JKHA/RKYHS. Once a child has gained acceptance through the admissions process, enrollment is complete when the school's Business Office receives a signed contract indicating the family’s choice of a tuition payment plan and the registration fee. The deadline for finalizing enrollment is July 31st of each year. Returning families will have their new tuition contract debited on the same schedule as the prior year unless other arrangements are made with the Business Office. New families can setup their accounts directly with FACTS Tuition Service.

Payment Plans: Three Choices to Meet Your Needs

There are three payment plans available:  Annual, Semi-Annual, and Monthly

• Plan A - Annual

Tuition and fees will be paid in full by August 1st.

• Plan B - Semi-Annual

Tuition and fees will be paid in two installments due August 1st and January 1st. 

• Plan C - Monthly

Tuition and fees will be paid in ten consecutive installments beginning August through May on either the 1st of the month or 15th of the month. Payments are made through FACTS Tuition Service.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is granted solely on the basis of family need and the availability of funds. JKHA/RKYHS uses an outside agency, FACTS Tuition Aid, to verify each application. The Affordability Committee grants an award after it reviews the FACTS recommendations along with the school’s guidelines, the school questionnaire and the family’s personal narrative. Please note that applications will be reviewed by the committee only after all required materials are submitted and verified. Once an award is granted, the tuition contract will be superseded by the award letter, and the FACTS account will be adjusted accordingly.    All award letters must be responded to within two weeks of date issued.

Third Party Sponsored Tuition Assistance Programs

Families with third parties making direct payment for tuition and fees must request and submit the JKHA/RKYHS Third Party Payor Form to the Business Office by July 31st together with the family signed contract. 

What if We Miss a Payment?

If a family becomes aware of a situation in which they foresee that a payment or payments cannot be made, the family should call the Business Office as soon as possible to make temporary arrangements as to the timing of future payments.

In the event a family or a third party payor misses a scheduled payment without prior notification to the Business Office, the Business Office will notify the family or third party, if applicable, via phone and email within five business days of the missed payment. Payment must be submitted immediately. If there is no return call or email from the family within three subsequent business days there will be one more attempt to reach the family via phone and email. If there is no response to the second attempt to contact the family, the Business Office and the Administration will determine the next course of action together, which may include the student(s) not being permitted to attend school.

Other Important Information
Transportation Fees

Fees for students needing private transportation to the school are not included in the school contract and must be paid directly to the school independent of tuition payments and are not eligible for financial assistance. Failure to adhere to the transportation fee schedule as per the transportation contract will result in the termination of school provided transportation.

Insufficient Funds

There will be a service charge of $100 for any returned check or debit failure.


Any family with a balance over $5,000 will be required to sign a legal promissory note. The note will require the acknowledgment of the debt, and terms of repayment that is mutually agreed upon. Blanket promissory notes without any payment plan will not be accepted. Failure to sign the promissory note or failure to remain current with the terms of the promissory note payment will result in the family not being able to re-enroll for the upcoming school year. Families with open balances will not receive transcripts or report cards until payment arrangements have been made in collaboration with the Business Office.


Once a family signs a tuition contract, the family is obligated to pay tuition for the full academic year.