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High School teachers will communicate directly with students via Remind101, our school’s texting service,  to inform students about assignments, classes, and resources. New assignments will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis, previously taught content will be evaluated based on class rubrics.

  • Assignments and links to videos are posted on Google Classroom

  • Teachers are using Zoom to run synchronous sessions with students.  Students will be informed about synchronous learning through Remind 101 announcements. 

  • You may want to spend your time organizing your college enrollment plan. Please use this guide for specific ideas of what you can accomplish during this time.

Please start your day with Shacharit and use the allotted scheduled time for Mincha. Mincha can be recited until sunset. 

We included a section below on optional learning. With the additional time in your day over what may be a protracted hiatus from on-campus learning, we urge you to use your time productively. Watch videos and movies that are historically significant and enriching documentaries. As an example, we listed a few options that will no doubt stimulate thinking and inspire learning. 

To avoid conflict between on-line, live classes, we have developed the following schedule of Zoom lessons by discipline. If a teacher elects to teach a synchronous lesson, he/she will use the time slot reserved below for the lesson. Teachers will arrange a live session with students by communicating with them in advance. You are required to be available for any live session based upon the below schedule.



Eliezer E. Rubin




Tips for managing stress


Tips for working from home


Recommended Reading List by grade



Additional Learning Opportunities - Valuable Videos

TED-Ed offering short and interesting lessons in almost every subject imaginable. You can sign up for a daily email and browse at your leisure. It's a great opportunity to learn something new or to see something you've already learned from a different perspective.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood