At JKHA, we are passionate and proud of the high level of education that we provide in both General and Judaic Studies. Our students are empowered to be informed and inspired American Jews. Our faculty, well-trained in differentiated instruction, guides ourstudents to become critical thinkers and independent learners. The faculty nurtures ourstudents’ spiritual growth through the study of Torah and the experiential programming that occurs throughout N3-Grade 8. Students are challenged to reach their maximum potential and, both in and out of the classroom, they are fully supported in developing their strengths. Our students are encouraged to embrace Chesed opportunities and are emboldened to think about the needs of others.

The nurturing and child-centered environment at JKHA allows us to focus on the needs of each and every student. Formal and informal assessments allow teachers to tailor their instruction, setting individual goals for each child and encouraging our students to be comfortable taking risks. Upon entering our school, there is an immediate sense that we are a family. We create a culture of excellence in which administrators, educators and families are all committed to the academic, emotional, religious and spiritual growth of eachchild. We are at the forefront of 21st century learning and have created systems to allow our students to learn with the latest advancements in educational technology. Our students are inspired to think creatively and collaboratively through project-based learning, critical reading, writing and STEM courses. JKHA’s Rebbeim and Morot develop strong relationships with their students and serve as inspiring role models for religious growth in an environment that stresses excellence in learning and skill development. JKHA strives to cultivate in our students a passion for Judaism that is manifest in a lifelong commitment to Torah study, Tefilla, respect for all people, devotion to the State of Israel, and positive contributions to society. We look forward to welcoming you to our school family. 

Our students go above and beyond in Torah learning with programs such as Midot,Mishna & Marshmallows, Parsha & Popcorn, Mishmar, Mishna Club and Torah Bowl. Our programs are overwhelmingly popular: 90% of the fifth graders come to learn extra Mishna to prepare for further study of Torah Sheba’al Peh and all students in grades 6-8 voluntarily participated in last year’s Parsha & Popcorn program.

Cross-disciplinary projects abound as students are encouraged to make connections across their fields of study. Teachers routinely partner to create projects that use the skills and information gained in one class to support their academic inquiry in another.  For example, while exploring the topic of slavery in a Judaic Studies class, students pen a newspaper in a Language Arts class from the firsthand perspective of those who were once enslaved. We offer a weekly Tefillah exploration class that deepens Middle Schoolers’ understanding of and appreciation for davening. Students who participate demonstrate enhanced sincerity in davening as a result. Students actively participate as leaders in davening. Our BRAVE program teaches students in grades 6-8 that the entire community shares responsibility for combating bullying, and gives students specific strategies for respondingto bullying. The Digital Citizenship program trains students in grades 5-8 on internet safety, including social media, safety precautions in sharing private information online, and the permanency of what they post online.  Our students consistently perform well in the annual Scholastic Writing Competition which is integrated into the Language Arts curriculum. A large percentage of our students receive high-ranking awards.




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