College guidance is a major focus of the Guidance Department. Our expert college counselors work individually with all seniors to review their transcripts, discuss options, and assist with the college application and school choice process. Additionally, workshops for parents and students offer a wealth of information on topics such as the admissions process and financial aid. Workshops and individual counseling are not only for seniors, as counselors create programs geared at making knowledge and counseling available to all underclassmen and their parents. Finally, our website tracking system allows seniors to monitor the status of their applications online, throughout the college acceptance months. 
With all of the expert advice and individualized attention our students receive, it is no surprise that they have earned numerous academic awards. Our graduates include National Merit Scholarship finalists and A.P. Scholars with Distinction Award winners among others. The Guidance Department is proud to support all of our students’ academic aspirations and to help them gain admission to the colleges and universities of their choosing, as well as prestigious Yeshivot, seminaries and programs in Israel.