The Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School Learning Lab provides mainstream students who have documented learning disabilities with the tools and strategies they need to become successful independent  learners  within  the  rigorous  setting of our yeshiva high school. Working in small groups with trained professionals, students enhance their understanding of both General and Judaic Studies subject areas, while mastering study skills. In addition, students learn how to prioritize and how to practice self-assessment and develop self-reliance—skills that are critical to success in school and the workplace.
The Learning Lab is open to eligible freshmen, sophomores and select juniors; services are available as needed for upperclassmen. In addition, the Lab oversees accommodations for students who meet College Board and ACT criteria, and provides students with access to dedicated computer workstations, Chromebooks and SmartBoards.
Learning Lab Goals for High School Students:

  • Strengthen academic skills/develop learning, study, note-taking and test- taking strategies to be applied in other venues
  • Recognize personal strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles; practice self-assessment and acceptance of academic responsibility
  • Prioritize short and long-term assignments and goals/make good choices
  • Manage time, workload, and co-curricular activities with other obligations
  • Develop independence and self-advocacy skills
  • Successfully complete assignments and test preparation
  • Seek resources to help reinforce/clarify content areas

While the Learning Lab provides educational support to students who qualify for services, all students can benefit from the unique ideas and strategies that are developed by our dedicated staff. To insure each student's success, our Dean of Academic Affairs meets with students of all ability levels to help develop and refine skills, and serves as a resource for teachers to enhance their professional practice.