The JKHA Learning Center offers a multifaceted program which addresses the individual learning needs of identified children in Kindergarten through Fourth grade. The Learning Center is a place where learning differences are understood, acknowledged, nurtured, and supported. The goal of our Learning Center is to create a secure environment in which children can grow both academically and emotionally, and students are equipped with effective strategies and skills needed to perform to the best of their ability in the mainstream classroom.

The Learning Center is a partnership between special education Learning Specialists, classroom teachers, students, and parents.  Learning Center faculty work collaboratively with classroom teachers to adjust and modify curricular demands. They help teachers revise assignments and tests in order to minimize frustrations and maximize success.

All Kindergarten and First grade students are screened at the beginning of each school year in order to identify any child in need of support, and early intervention is provided to students who are referred by their teachers and identified by this specialized screening.

First through Fourth-graders are supported as needed, either by an in-class inclusion teacher, or in a pullout group which meets up to four times per week. Learning Specialists provide instruction in basic skills, as well as help in navigating the demands of a dual curriculum. They teach test-taking and study strategies, methods for improving comprehension of texts, and assist in developing grade-appropriate organizational skills such as note-taking, time management, and the like.

The Learning Center recommends modifications and accommodations and assists teachers in their implementation. Learning Specialists meet regularly with classroom teachers and collaborate in choosing the best support model for each student.  We continually communicate with parents, providing and accepting suggestions and recommendations. 

Our Learning Center fosters a positive, encouraging, and safe atmosphere in which a variety of multi-modality techniques are employed.  Students are taught individually and in small groups, enabling each child to work at his/her specific level and pace. Students are empowered by understanding their own unique learning style in order to gain insight into their personal strengths and challenges.

Given consistent encouragement and the proper tools, students in the Learning Center are taught to advocate for themselves and develop the skills and confidence necessary to become independent, successful learners.


Marni Weinberg
LC Director of Student Services