Transitioning to Middle School

In the Middle School, the fifth grade is a transitional year when students acclimate to departmentalized learning while enjoying the comfort and familiarity of a single classroom environment. Our program enables students to learn from content specialists as we ease students into a departmentalized structure, which is the norm of the Middle School program. Students in the fifth grade remain in a “home base” classroom throughout the day, but they enjoy the departmentalized experience of Middle School as different teachers who are content specialists visit their classroom to teach them throughout the day. Language Arts and Social Studies meet under an umbrella Humanities program, which enables the teachers of the two subjects to foster cross-curricular development goals. Similarly, for Hebrew, Science, and Chumash, students learn from subject specialists who come to the students in their home base classrooms. The math program is leveled based on skill, as determined by fourth grade teachers and results from the fourth grade Terra Nova standardized tests.

General Studies Academic Programs

Judaic Studies Academic Programs

Enrichment in Middle School

In addition to a full day of engaging learning, students at the JKHA Middle School have many opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities, both during the school day and after hours.
Extracurricular enrichment activities offer JKHA students the chance to explore new passions, to deepen their love for learning, to expand social groups and to promote school pride.