Middle School Guidance 

The Middle School Guidance Department is a resource of support, dedicated to promoting the emotional and social development of our students. Throughout the year, the guidance department develops school programming and group activities geared to issues concerning health, socialization, maturation, and adjustment for the students. 

Individual and group counseling services are provided to support students through particular challenges and to supply them with specific behavioral plans, skills and techniques to help them function most effectively in the school environment. In addition, the guidance staff collaborates with the administration and teachers as well as individual therapists treating students outside of school to ensure that students’ individual emotional needs are being supported in the classroom setting. Classroom observations and crisis intervention services are also provided. The guidance staff works closely with parents to address particular concerns, and offers a referral network, helping parents identify community resources to further address social, emotional and behavioral concerns.

Photograph of Aviva Wasserman
Aviva Wasserman
MS Guidance Counselor