Lower School - Enrichment

The Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy recognizes that all students have unique strengths and must be provided with learning experiences that will assist each to attain their fullest potential. Our DISCOVERY Program provides a continuous, systematic plan for students to develop their own skills and talents. There are individualized student assessments for identification and progressing purposes, individualized student education plans for students set up and consultation services for staff, students, and families. The DISCOVERY teachers employ both “push in” and “pull out” techniques reaching many students.
The Language Arts DISCOVERY program builds on the student’s existing knowledge and rich linguistic experience and focuses on developing an increased competence in the use of the language arts: speaking and listening, reading and writing. The reading and writing curriculum is carefully matched to the intellectual and developmental needs of our students and prepares them well for increasingly sophisticated tasks. The program ensures that students will use language to gain information and to develop critical thinking and comprehension skills. The Language Arts program emphasizes the interconnectedness between reading and writing through the development of the necessary skills for effectively communicating their ideas, opinions, and experiences in oral and written form, and for appreciating the oral and written expression of others. We believe that reading is not only a tool for learning that helps the student to make sense of their world but also an excellent vehicle for opening up dialogues about, values such as respect, sharing and giving, empathy, and community. Writing instruction, which takes place at each class, is an expressive, meaningful activity for the student. Students are encourage to put their own voices into print: their thoughts, ideas, illustrations, findings and discoveries.
The Math ENRICHMENT program addresses students who are accelerated in Math.  There are individual math curricula developed for those who are multiples levels above grade standards. There is involvement in a series of Nationwide Math competition such as Math Olympiad. The Math DISCOVERY consult coaches the teams and enables students to enrich their math repertoire. The Successmaker lab is utilized to address enrichment for grades 1 through 3rd Grade.

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