Inspring Academic Excellence

The mission of the Early Childhood and Lower School at JKHA is to inspire spiritual, academic, social and emotional excellence in all of our students. By utilizing a differentiated approach, our faculty and school leaders strive to meet the evolving needs of every student. We understand that the journey through academic and emotional growth is never the same for each child. A differentiated approach involves teaching that provides each student within a diverse classroom community of learners a range of different avenues for understanding new information. Acquisition of content and processing new information looks different for varying groups of students as does making sense of a lesson, expressing ideas and even organizing materials. Differentiation means that all students in a classroom can learn effectively, regardless of enrichment or modification needs.

By working in small learning groups, students are typically placed with students who demonstrate similar levels of academic achievement. Fluid groups are designed to allow any child to be placed with children of like abilities for any given topic. Constant monitoring of academic progress lends itself to fluctuating groups. This process is a catalyst for our students being challenged, setting new academic goals and milestones to work towards, and being able to supply necessary enrichment and modifications when necessary.

JKHA/RKYHS has crafted a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive curriculum guide to reflect learning goals for each grade from Early Childhood through High School as well as standards that reflect the skills for different levels of excellence. Driven by developmentally-appropriate academic expectations and differentiated assignments, materials and lessons evolve with the ever-maturing and developing student population.




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