Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning

JKHA school policy has been established to ensure that only one bar or bat mitzvah is scheduled for the same day and time frame per grade.

Once you have selected a date that works for you and does not conflict with another child in your child's grade,  please call Mrs. Bohbot at 1-862-437-8015 or email her at and she will double-check the date for you and book the simcha if the date is indeed available.  

A family may reserve a Bar/Bat Mitzvah date for their child by booking the desired date with the school office no more than two years prior to the date.  The school calendar will allow for multiple parties for the same grade on the same day, if necessary, but only one party per grade will be allowed at any given time. Parents can reserve a slot in the morning (9-1), afternoon (1-5) or evening.

Preference will be given to the family that reserves first on the school calendar. Please call Mrs. Bohbot at 862-437-8015 or email her at to reserve the date for your son/daughter’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Often, parents struggle to define their invitation lists. This sometimes results in only some boys or some girls in a grade, and not others, being invited for Shabbat, which excludes certain children from an important part of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience – Shabbat. To help parents plan for the Shabbat portion of a bar mitzvah while being sensitive to all members of the grade, we present as a guideline the following Shabbat options:

  • Invite all JKHA students in the grade, or;
  • Invite all JKHA boys/all JKHA girls in the grade, or;
  • Invite only JKHA boys or girls in your immediate local community (i.e. only West Orange boys or girls, or East Brunswick boys or girls) or;
  • If you are not inclined to invite all of the boys/girls in the grade, no more than eight friends should be invited;

Please consult with Sinai Administration regarding inviting Sinai students.

We recognize that there are certain challenges that come with the responsibility in hosting multiple children for Shabbat meals and at homes in a community. Nevertheless, we recognize our responsibility to respect and show sensitivity to all children in the grade. Parents celebrating their children’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah may join us for Tefillah, and, if they choose, may provide donuts for the children of the grade after Tefillah.

To maintain the integrity and commitment of our academic program, however, parents are not permitted to invite the grade during school hours to off-campus Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations.

Wishing you a Mazal Tov on this wonderful and exciting time in your family's life.




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