Middle School - Enrichment

E2K Science

This year, sixth graders are participating in the E2K after-school science enrichment club under the supervision of Ms Esther Grossman. The main objective of the class is to get students to be passionate about science. Students have fun conducting many experiments while learning some valuable skills. Students are often presented with a challenge and are asked to design their own experiments and record their results. They are then asked to analyze their data and work on ways to improve accuracy.

Students gain an appreciation for the everyday phenomenon that they have previously taken for granted. This year three modules will be covered. The first half of the year we focused on fire. We are currently working on a unit on eggs and plan to end off with designing our own rockets!

E2K Mathematics

The 7th graders are participating in the E2K Mathematics program under to direction of Mrs. Deborah Hunter. The program is designed by The IsraelCenter for Excellence through Education.  We participate in the program along with 70 other Jewish day schools through The Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education.

The program has been a resounding success! Every Monday afternoon, 10-12 7th graders join Mrs. Hunter to engage in the exploration of math topics that they would not ordinarily encounter.  So far the students have investigated differently based number systems and Euler's Theorem to solve the famous "Seven Bridges of Konigsberg" problem.  In addition, they have solved several very tricky logic problems using their wits and intuition.  We participate in a riddle competition and we will be covering geometric sequences and combinatorics before year's end.

The best part of this program is that the students are investigating these relatively advanced concepts collaboratively and are generating amazingly sophisticated insights with little direct input from the instructor. Their enthusiasm is unbridled. They literally run around the room comparing solutions and discussing each math riddle.  This dynamic interaction leads to a level of transference of ideas that many teachers would envy.

It is also important to recognize that the E2K program allows students who feel constrained by the demands of a traditional classroom (showing their work, following algorithms, etc.) the opportunity to explore math in a much more creative, unconstrained way. They leave E2K feeling successful and accomplished.

Torah Bowl

Under the supervision of Rabbi Dovid Sukenik, motivated seventh and eighth grade students commit to learning an entire book of Chumash over and above their normal coursework. Competitions are against other area Yeshivot and based on knowledge of Chumash and Rashi of selected Parshiot.

Debate Team

A natural fit for students who enjoy discussing current issues, the debate team is great place for students to explore the art of “organized arguing.” Team members learn good presentation skills and how to project a clear strong voice. Our team has a proven track record with many wins.

Names Not Numbers

Eighth graders work with Holocaust survivors, journalists or editors, a filmmaker and history teachers to bequeath the memories, stories and lessons of the Holocaust to future generations, inspiring them to combat anti-Semitism and all forms of hatred and intolerance. At the same time they also establish intergenerational friendships with their interview subjects, the survivors themselves.

Scholastic Writing Competition

Our Middle School students are proud to participate and excel in this competition, in which original student works of art are evaluated by industry leaders. Richard Avedon called winning his Scholastic Award “the defining moment of my life,” and for most young winners, this recognition is their first experience of being identified as serious artists and writers. The impact on their self-perception can be life-changing.

Mishna Enrichment

Rabbi Greenberg provides his fifth graders with a Mishna enrichment club. Although the club is optional, he has 100% attendance! Each class completes a full masechet of Mishna over a three-month period, celebrating with a much-anticipated Siyum upon conclusion.

Mathematical Olympiads

This state-wide competition is designed to teach the major strategies of problem solving, to foster mathematical creativity, and to stimulate enthusiasm and love for the types of problems that students encounter in competitive mathematics. Each week students explore a different math topic or problem-solving strategy in depth and practice non-routine contest problems.

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