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A successful counseling program in a community of learners is one that helps students to reach their full academic and social potential. The Guidance Department at Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School takes this responsibility seriously, offering students a wealth of programs and services including counseling, academic advisement, college and Israel guidance, and career counseling.

Academic and Social Guidance
The lives of high school students are continually changing, which can exert a great deal of pressure on today’s teen. One way the Guidance Department helps students manage these challenges is by matching each student with a guidance professional who supports him/her throughout the four years of high school. This system ensures that counselors are available to meet students whenever needs arise, and allows students to feel comfortable about sharing concerns.
Further, the department offers students personalized, individual counseling, as well as small and large group programs focusing on a wide range of issues of special interest to teenagers, such as social skills, the changing family and bereavement; student needs determine the content and scheduling of each year’s roster of programs. In addition, the department creates special educational programs for the entire student body, along with assemblies aimed at particular grade levels, and an annual, interactive freshman orientation program.
College Guidance
College guidance is also a major focus of the Guidance Department. Our expert college counselors work individually with all seniors to review their transcripts, discuss options, and assist with the college application and school choice process. Additionally, workshops for parents and students offer a wealth of information on topics such as the admissions process and financial aid. Workshops and individual counseling are not geared only to seniors; the college advisement program begins well before senior year, as counselors create programs,making knowledge and counseling available to all underclassmen and their parents. Finally, our website tracking system allows seniors to monitor online the status of their applications throughout the college acceptance months. 
With all of the expert advice and individualized attention our students receive, it is no surprise that they have earned numerous academic awards. Our graduates include National Merit Scholarship finalists and A.P. Scholars with Distinction Award winners among others. The Guidance Department is proud to support all of our students’ academic aspirations, and to help them gain admission to the colleges and universities of their choosing, as well as prestigious Yeshivot, seminaries and programs in Israel.
Israel Guidance
The creation of the State of Israel an important part of Jewish History. As such it is important to us to instill in our students a love and understanding of the land of Israel. We do this through education and an array of programs built around the theme of Israel. We encourage our students to spend a gap year abroad in Israel continuing their studies about Israel, its land and its people and building on their bond with the State of Israel. With two highly knowledgeable Israel guidance counselors in the department, our students also receive individualized counseling about the various Israel study programs available post-senior year. There are Yeshivot, seminaries and other programs to match every interest and need, and the Guidance Department is committed to finding the perfect fit for each student wishing to participate. For more information about the Israel programs contact Rabbi Steven Hirschey at 862-437-8037 for the boys' programs and Mrs. Norma Mintz at 862-437-8131 for the girls' programs.

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