Lunch Program By Shimtal Caterer

Shimtal Caterer provides food for the breakfast, lunch and after school café, as well as special celebrations.

À la Carte menu and prices.





Breakfast is served at 8:30 – 9:15 AM to Grades 5-12 after morning davening, and can be purchased with cash or MySchoolAccount.

Below is the breakfast menu and prices:





  Fresh Bagel (Plain)


  Fresh Bagel with Butter


  Fresh Bagel with Cream Cheese


  Cereal w/ milk




  Chobani yogurt




  Milk (whole)


  Chocolate Milk


  Juice box


  Fruit nectars


   Hot Chocolate


  French Vanilla


   Fruit Smoothies
  (in warmer months)





November 2019 LUNCH MENU 

December 2019 LUNCH MENU 

Lunch is served to all Grades and can be purchased with cash or MySchoolAccount.

Lunches can be purchased via prepaid plans or à la carte:

1.Prepaid Lunch Plans:

  • A reduced rate option for lunches.
  • A lunch plan can be full-year, half-year, or daily.
  • Lunch plans do not include breakfast, café, and are not transferable.
  • For details and pricing click the Lunch Order Form

2.  À la Carte Lunch Options:

Lunch (À la Carte)

  ITEM     PRICE   
  Full Price Lunch
  Includes: entrée, unlimited soup, salads, fruit and pasta
 1 serving of pasta or soup $1.00 
 Sushi Vegetable / Fish $5.00 / $6.00



After School Café 

After school Café is available at 3:30- 6:30 PM to all Grades, except LS students who are going on buses, and can be purchased with cash or MySchoolAccount.



  Krispy Schnitzel Hero
  (Krispy chicken cutlet with lettuce, tomato, pickles and special sauce)
  Grilled Burger $4.00
  Hot Dog  $2.00
  Soup of the Day (12 oz.)  $1.00
  Large Salad
  (Fresh green salad with your choice of 5 toppings)
  French Fries $2.50
  Pretzels $1.00
  Brownies $1.50
  Chocolate Chip Cookies $0.50
  Italian Ices $1.00
  Chips $1.50
  Fresh Fruit $2.00
  Fresh Fruit Smoothies $2.00
  Water Bottles $1.00
  Juice Bottles (Orange and Apple) $1.00
  Juice Boxes $0.50



À la Carte breakfast, lunch or Café items can be paid using cash at the register, or by accessing “myschoolaccount” using PIN.

“Myschoolaccount” is our portal for depositing funds and monitoring purchases and balances. To setup MySchoolAccount, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to and set up a parent account using your own (self-generated) user ID and password; follow site directions.
    Note – please don’t confuse your user ID with your child’s “student ID”.
  2. Once you have a parent account, you can “add a student” by using their student ID. To request a student ID please contact Shimtal caterer at
  3. Once you have added your child, you can deposit funds.
  4. Please set up a “low balance alert” to manage your child’s account balance.

Please contact Shimon for questions about the program and to make arrangements for special celebrations:
862-437-8043 /




Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy
Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School
110 South Orange Avenue
Livingston, New Jersey 07039
Phone 862.437.8000