Financial Assistance Policies:

  • All applicants must complete the entire application, questionnaire, and narrative and must submit all required documentation along with any other requirements in order to be eligible to qualify for Financial Assistance. All materials must be submitted on or before April 29, 2019.
    • Applications received after April 29, 2019 are subject to the FACTs
      application fee of $40.
  • Any outstanding debt to the school must be addressed by the CFOO and the Affordability Committee before an award is considered.
  • Every family must be compliant with the School's Financial Policies and have submitted registration payment and a signed tuition contract prior to the committee’s review.
  • It is the School’s policy that all funds generated by the Financial Assistance Endowment will be allocated to the Financial Assistance program only.
  • All financial information must be verified prior to being accepted for committee review. If current financial information such as the current year’s tax return is not available, it must be supplied upon availability in order for the award to be implemented.
  • Failure to adhere to agreed upon terms and policies will result in the revoking of the Financial Assistance amount in its entirety and the family’s absorption of the entire cost of the tuition.
  • Any existing family benefiting from the Financial Assistance program who requests an additional grant must provide documentation to support a change of circumstances.
  • Any new family requesting Financial Assistance after the start of the school year must comply with the complete application process and must provide documentation to support a change in circumstances.
  • All applicants must meet deadlines and comply with all required communications. Failure to comply may result in a reduction of the award.
    • All award letters must be responded to within two weeks of date
  • Awards may only be appealed if there is a change of circumstance.
  • Awards will be granted based on the contents of the submitted and verified information; any significant inconsistencies in information as submitted and lifestyle evidence will be scrutinized and may impact the amount of the award.




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