What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is a special kind of gift card issued by merchants to help non-profit organizations raise much needed funds. For every SCRIP card purchased merchants rebate to non-profits anywhere from 1.5% - 18%. For example, a JKHA/RKYHS parent who purchases a $100 SCRIP card from his or her favorite store will generate an immediate rebate to JKHA/RKYHS of $1.50 to $18.

Which merchants offer SCRIP?

JKHA/RKYHS is partnering with a national SCRIP organization to offer our parents a program with more than 600 member merchants from across the country. These include supermarkets such as ShopRite, Pathmark, and King’s; movie theatres such as AMC and Loews; clothing stores such as Old Navy, Gap, and Lands’ End; department stores such as Macy’s, Lord and Taylor, Kmart, and Walmart; pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreen’s; specialty stores such as Babies R Us, Best Buy, and Home Depot; and travel companies such as Celebrity Cruise Lines, American Airlines, and  Avis Car Rental. Non-kosher restaurants also participate in the scrip program, though of course these are not endorsed by our Yeshiva. A complete list of member merchants can be found on

How much will the new SCRIP program benefit our Yeshiva?

There is no limit to the fundraising dollars that can be generated for our Yeshiva by SCRIP purchases. Many schools similar in size are earning $100,000-$500,000 annually.

Is participation in the SCRIP program mandatory?

Each family at our Yeshiva is required to generate no less than $350 in rebates for our school during the 12-month period of June 1, 2017-May 31, 2018. At the 15% rebate level, this would require SCRIP purchases of $2,333. However, given that most rebate levels are in the 5-6% range, a more realistic purchase amount would be in the range of $5,800-7,000. Families who do not wish to participate in the SCRIP program may opt out for a $350 fee.

What if my SCRIP purchases generate more than $350 in rebates for our Yeshiva?

To encourage active participation, any JKHA/RKYHS family who generates more than $350 in SCRIP rebates between June 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018 will be eligible for a tuition credit equal to 25% of the excess rebate to be applied to the following year.  For example, a family generating $1,100 in rebates ($750 more than the required minimum) would receive a tuition credit of $187.50 in 2018-19.

Is there a single SCRIP card that is accepted by multiple retailers?

Not at this time.

How much do SCRIP cards cost?

Most SCRIP cards are available in denominations ranging from $10-$100.

How do I pay for SCRIP?

Our SCRIP program offers “Presto Pay,” a feature which connects your SCRIP account with any specified checking or savings account, and ensures secure and timely processing of every SCRIP order. A convenience fee of 15 cents (less than the price of a stamp) is added to each order. When placing orders with “Presto Pay” the order will instantly be placed in our system.  If you choose to pay with check or cash the order will not be placed until our office receives payment.

How will my SCRIP orders be processed?

Simply visit to fill out your order whenever you are in need of SCRIP. We will process orders on a weekly basis for your convenience.  There are several options for obtaining your SCRIP. You can pick it up yourself at school or you can sign a form to allow your child to bring home your SCRIP.  Orders placed by 12:00 PM on Friday will be available after 3:00 PM the following Tuesday at the school. 

Do SCRIP cards expire?

There are no expiration dates on any SCRIP cards.

What happens after I have spent all the dollars on a SCRIP card?

Some SCRIP merchants will gladly refill cards online; in these cases, SCRIP cards can be used again. Other merchants, however, cannot refill a SCRIP card online; in these cases, a new order must be submitted and a new SCRIP card will be issued by the merchant.

What if I lose my SCRIP cards?

Unfortunately these cards are like cash. If you lose the card, there is no reimbursement.

What if I have further questions about scrip?

Please call Aly Greenstein at 862-437-8002 or email

What else should I know about SCRIP?

To save yourself time and generate much needed dollars for our Yeshiva, think about pre-ordering SCRIP to cover your anticipated grocery purchases (Shoprite, 4% rebate); Bar/Bat Mitzvah gifts (Macy’s, 10%); college textbooks (Barnes & Noble, 9% rebate); Shabbat and Yom Tov outfits (Bloomingdales, 12%; J. Crew 13%,  Brooks brothers, 16% rebate); office and school supplies (Staples, 5%);  pharmacy needs (CVS-6%). With a little advance planning, meeting-- and even exceeding--your rebate requirement of $350 will be easier than you think!

How do I set up my SCRIP account?

Go to, and follow the directions online, using enrollment code: 1L5DBAA624627.

Instructions for Purchasing Scrip

Log on to


a. Create an account by clicking on “Family Sign Up!” green box on the left side of the screen.
b. Follow the instructions to create a username, password, and enter the requested information.  (Be sure you save this account information for future login access.)
c. Choose and answer two challenge questions.
d. Enter the Non-Profit enrollment code for JKHA / RKYHS: 1L5DBAA624627
e. You will be directed to a page that confirms your membership enrollment in JKHA.
f. Click on the “Presto Pay” tab on the left
g. Read the term page, and click on the tutorials for information about Presto Pay, then continue to the bottom of the page by clicking “yes and I agree”.
h. Enter your banking information and choose a pin.  (Be sure you save this account information for future login access.)
i. Once complete your account will be “Pending”.
j. Log out of the website.
k. Two small deposits will be made by Presto Pay into your bank account.
l. After two days check your bank account and note the amount of these two deposits.
m. Return to and click again on “Presto Pay” on the left. It will ask for the amount of the two deposits. Once you enter the deposit amounts and click “next” your verification will be complete for you to begin to order scrip.

IMPORTANT: Please choose a pickup method which will be the standard way you want to receive your scrip.  You can enter “parent pickup” or”send with student”. This can always be changed under your profile. If you leave this blank, your scrip will be held in the office


When you Log On to, your Home/My Account page will include the following:

a. Favorites: as you browse through the listing of merchants you can select your frequently used merchants as “favorites”.
b. Express Add: allows you to quickly purchase Scrip by entering the merchant name, choosing a quantity and clicking on “Add to Cart”. Reload: shows that you have previously purchased a rechargeable scrip card, which can be quickly reloaded here without having to receive a new card from the school.
c. Specials: view additional savings offered by merchants.
d. Browse: shows a directory of all merchants by category.
e. Other items on the page include viewing your previous 5 orders, seeing your account profile and other account information.


a.    Click on “Shop” at the top of the page or choose an option on your home page.
b.    Choose the merchant.
c.    Select a product (i.e. $100 Shop Rite card)
d.    Enter the number of cards you wish to purchase.
e.    Click “Add to Cart”.
f.    Select “Continue Shopping” to buy more scrip or “Proceed to Checkout”.


a.    Review your Cart to ensure your order is correct.
b.    You can edit quantities or delete cards from this screen.
c.    Click “checkout” when you are done.
d.    Select a payment option
a. Pay by Check – If you select “Check” your Scrip will not be delivered to you until your check clears the bank.  This method is NOT PREFERRED.
b. Select Presto Pay and enter the pin number that you created when you signed up for Presto pay.  (If you forget your pin, click on the “Forgot Pin” tab and follow the directions for retrieving the pin. Do not call the school for pin issues because we have no access to this information).
e.    Confirm your order.
f.    Print your confirmation page or write down your confirmation number for your records.
g.    SCRIP Orders placed by 12:00 PM on Friday will be available for pickup at the school by 3:00 PM the following Tuesday.




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