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Looking to make it on the big screen? Want a career on Broadway? Or perhaps you just want to feel more comfortable on stage? In the acting chug, students have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills that real actors use to properly portray emotions and develop characters. Students also have the chance to gain improvisational skills to use on or off the stage.

This club is designed for students who are seriously interested in the practical experience of art. This club requires the student to show a fundamental competence and range of understanding in visual concerns (and methods). Students are asked to demonstrate a serious grounding in visual principles and material techniques, and explore advanced concepts and methods without losing focus on the beauty created before them.

Penmanship is a skill that often goes unnoticed with the advent of computers and other technologies. In the calligraphy chug, students learn the true art of penmanship and a valuable skill that can be used throughout life!

Chocolate Making
Students learn the art of making their own chocolate creations. There is a new delicious project each week which students can bring home and enjoy.

Students learn great songs and have the opportunity to perform in front of a number of different audiences. Every year the choir performs at the school’s dinner and steal the show. This chug is open to any student who really wants to work hard, sing well, and have fun while doing it.

Creative Writing
If you thought you only needed your writing skills for essays – think again! The creative writing chug will allows students to use writing to fully express themselves in any format they’d like!

Slam Poetry
A cross between rap and poetry, slam poetry is one of the most up and coming forms of expression. Come learn how to write slam poetry, and compete against other schools in the slam poetry competition.

Song Writing 101
Music is one of the purest forms of expression. This chug teaches students how to express their emotions, creativity, and personality through song. Personalized attention will truly assist them in developing song-writing abilities!

Video Production
This team of students produces exciting school videos. Using state-of-the-art-equipment, students learn about every stage of video production, from videography through the editing process. Students examine distinctive formal elements of each mode as well as the economic and cultural context of production and reception.


Ask the Rabbi
Students explore how some of the major Gedolei Torah have dealt with the questions that they themselves struggle with on a daily basis. Relying on original sources from Jewish philosophy and law, students consider how these great thinkers responded to everything from the birth of new religions to the challenges of modernity – much of what these young inquisitive minds might wonder about.

Like Scrabble? Like word games? This game creates a platform for hours of fun. Students learn how to play this fast paced word game described as a cross between Scrabble and Boggle.

With today’s strong emphasis on computers and technology, coding has become an essential skill. In this chug, students will learn a basic coding language and begin creating programs of their own!

Eye on Politics
Do you enjoy a good political debate? Do you enjoy discussing and analyzing the core issues of today? This chug will allow students to express their political views in an open and engaging forum.

Israel News
Want to stay up to date on the latest happenings in Israel? This chug keeps students informed of everything going on in Israel, and will present them with unique perspectives and understandings of Israel’s unique geopolitical circumstances.

YouTube is filled with a variety of inspirational and meaningful videos that can teach us many important lessons. In this chug, students get a weekly dose of inspiration and education through popular YouTube videos.

Are you Jewish because your parents are? Why be Jewish? Why study in a yeshiva high school? Students join a club where their opinion will be heard. Students enjoy eating pizza while discussing the issues that high school students frequently discuss.

The RKYHS Voice is an important source of information, updates, and happenings at RKYHS. Students who join the newspaper chug become an integral part of this student initiative.

Public Speaking
Do you enjoy speaking in front of large crowds? Do you want to get over your fear of speaking in front of large crowds? The public speaking chug will gives students the skills and confidence to speak publicly about any topic.


Unfortunately, the world is filled with a variety of different types of hate and discrimination. The ADL chug teaches what can be done to stop the dissemination of hatred in modern society. Students become part of the movement to create peaceful co-existence among all different peoples by joining the ADL chug!

Homelessness Awareness Committee
Homelessness is an issue that unfortunately does not get the attention that it deserves. The good news is that there is much that we can do to improve the situation of the homeless. This is the perfect chug for students interested in changing someone’s life for the better.

Kushner Buddies
Few things are more meaningful than serving as a mentor for younger students. This chug will allow students to serve as a friend and role model for an elementary school student at JKHA, and help other students in our school.


Basketball (separate boys and girls)
The basketball chug allows students to have fun playing ball with and against their friends. They form several teams, with 6-7 players per team, and play some serious basketball.

Perhaps the most widely known strategy game, the game of chess has strengthened and challenged the human mind for hundreds of years. Compete against friends and refine skills.

Personal Training (Boys)
This chug gives students an opportunity to receive one-on-one fitness evaluations and work to design an exercise program that is ideal for their body type and/or fitness goals.

Ping Pong
While learning the rules and regulations of ping-pong, students hold fun practice sessions, trial games, and tournaments. Playing ping-pong is a great way to relieve the stress of a long day!


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