Summer Reading List

Dear Middle School Families,

As this academic year draws to a close, we wanted to share the Summer Reading lists and expectations with you for students entering grades 5-8.

For Summer Reading, students must read TWO books. One book will be chosen from this list, which is divided by grade as of Fall 2021, and the second book can be any selection of the student’s choice. Students will complete this notes sheet based on the novel chosen from the list and bring it with them to school in September. Students will complete a writing assessment based on their reading in Language Arts class.

Throughout the year, we are dedicated to introducing our students to meaningful, rigorous, and engaging literature intended to open both their hearts and minds to great writing while inviting students to vicariously and safely experience worlds that differ greatly from their own. At the core of the program is the goal of fostering a lifelong love of reading and strengthening key comprehension skills.

Summer is an excellent opportunity for students to explore new genres of literature and engage in self-directed learning. We ask that you help support us and our students as we look to extend their growth and help them maintain their trajectory by encouraging them to continue their engagement with books over the summer. Key research shows that reading over the summer is essential for students to maintain and improve their reading skills.

Wishing you a wonderful summer!

Happy Reading,
Staci Zeif, Language Arts Department Chair
Ariel Levenson


Teachers will communicate directly with their students about class-specific assignments. Please use these pages as resources for academic enrichment, should your student be looking for more academic engagement.