CIJE : Jerusalem the Eternal City 

Compelling videos, 3D models and connections to Tanach, focus on Jerusalem during the First Temple Period. The lessons provide an overview of the history of Jerusalem in a way that intersects with much of the Navi our students have covered or will cover in Middle School.


OLogy: The Museum's Science Website for Kids

Have you ever wondered why the arms and fingers of T. rex are so small? Or why its teeth are so big? Paleontologist Mark Norell answers these questions and more on OLogy, which also features science activities, games, and more.


More yoga videos for relaxation and stress relief


Kushner Care cards


IXL skill practice in ELA and math- subscription required.  Be in touch with your math and ELA teacher about IXL.


Newsela: Current event learning modules for students at different reading levels


Scratch coding: Create stories, games and animations


Recommended watching: "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood"


Duolingo:  Learn a language


Virtual museum tours