As a Modern Orthodox co-educational yeshiva, JKHA/RKYHS seeks to inspire students to live lives of Torah and mitzvot; to embrace secular knowledge and American democratic values; to love and serve the Jewish People; and to forge a lifelong bond with the Land and State of Israel.

We aim to empower students to achieve personal excellence by teaching them how to learn, and by encouraging them to analyze, to create, and to pursue new intellectual challenges.

We lead students to recognize that because we were all created in the image of God, we must treat everyone with respect and loving-kindness.

We help students form strong, healthy identities, and we prepare them to take responsibility for themselves and their communities.


For more than 60 years, our Modern Orthodox, co-educational Yeshiva Day School has imbued children with a lifelong love of TorahMitzvot, and Midot, while nurturing their identification with the land and people of Israel. At JKHA/RKYHS students thrive in a rigorous dual academic program that emphasizes critical thinking, invention and experiential learning.

Our student-centered General Studies program is individualized to challenge all learners to fulfill their full potential. Every student is valued for his or her unique gifts and talents, and all take responsibility for their own learning, and for enriching the entire community. JKHA/RKYHS’s teachers are experts in their fields, as well as role models who take pride in creating a learning environment that is notably warm and supportive. A full complement of learning resources, from laboratories and SMARTBoards to libraries and athletic facitilies, enable students to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Our Judaic Studies program focuses on Torah scholarship and the study of oral and written traditions, while inspiring our students to love and practice their faith. Religious Zionism informs every aspect of student life; and the importance of Jewish heritage and culture are reinforced by daily instruction in modern Ivrit, and through participation in special events such as the annual Salute to Israel Parade, and celebrations of Yom Ha’atzmautand Yom Yerushalayim. Equally important, students are motivated to grow into productive, caring members of society who will eagerly embrace opportunities to serve and lead their communities.

We invite you to visit our scenic campus in Livingston, New Jersey, and experience our exceptional community of learners.