Middle School basks in liminality, and it's our students' positioning on the cusp of young adulthood that inspires us daily as middle school educators. In our Middle School, students navigate new academic content, connect to Torah deeply, explore more challenging assignments, conquer complex questions, and attempt to maintain a social equilibrium. In each of these pursuits, it's essential that students are not seen as vessels to be filled with knowledge; rather, they are independent and unique learners, each growing the skills that help them decipher our ever-changing world as they begin to determine their own role in it. At JKHA, it's critical that our students become critical, as agile thinkers, adept at assessing and interpreting ideas with acumen and precision through their lens as engaged and committed Jews. 

At JKHA, we are committed to providing our students with an outstanding General and Judaic Studies academic experience, through which students are encouraged to question and engage in all topics of inquiry. Our faculty, well-trained in differentiated instruction, guides our students to become critical thinkers and independent learners. Students are challenged to reach their maximum potential and are fully supported in developing their strengths. 

The nurturing and child-centered environment at JKHA allows us to focus on the needs of each and every student. Formal and informal assessments allow teachers to tailor their instruction, setting individual goals for each child and encouraging our students to be comfortable taking risks. We strive to cultivate in our students a passion for Judaism that is manifest in a lifelong commitment to Torah study, Tefilla, respect for all people, devotion to the State of Israel, and positive contributions to society.