A Message from Rabbi Eliezer Rubin

ERubin.jpgJKHA/RKYHS has deep historical roots. We are committed to academic excellence in our religious and general studies programs, and value our critical mission to partner with parents in the transmission of Torah ideals.

At JKHA/RKYHS, we strive to inspire our students to discover their strengths and develop strong, healthy identities.  We value the trust parents place in our school to impart knowledge and motivate our students, your children, to embrace their heritage and history and assume responsibility for the world around them.

Consistent with our school mission, we set high standards for all students to enhance their commitment to Torah study, strive for educational excellence, and strengthen the foundation of their community.

In our broader society, education today is associated with economic prosperity, and its main utility is perceived by many as a way to sustain a competitive edge and gain social status. Jewish education, however, has a different purpose: to inspire children to embrace Torah study and values; to motivate them to challenge themselves intellectually; to stimulate their independent thinking; and to help them develop critical thinking and social skills in a safe and supportive environment. From Dewey to Rav Kook, wholesome and thoughtful educational philosophy emphasizes the need to teach children how to learn while they discover and explore realms of life that spark their curiosity and help strengthen their character.

Please read through the many wonderful facets of our school described in our website and discover the many ways in which our school inspires excellence from all our students. I look forward to partnering with you to enhance your child’s learning experiences through our challenging and exciting school program.