Connect to Torah

Embracing the Torah in all its aspects is central to the RKYHS philosophy. Whether formulating a novel interpretation of a pasuk in the classroom, vigorously debating a passage in Talmud with a learning partner in the Beit Midrash, or davening Shacharit in one of our boutique Tefilla minyanim, RKYHS students are engaged in learning Torah the way it’s meant to be learned: with depth and dimension. Our Judaic Studies teachers are passionate about what they do and in the spirit of inquiry-based learning, they welcome questions and debate. At RKYHS, we believe there is no mission more crucial than creating the next generation of Jewish leaders.

Make a difference

RKYHS students bring the concept of tikkun olam to a new level. Chesed is built into our student programming,giving students the chance to live what they learn. With multiple chesed opportunities available through school-wide initiatives, chugim, and co-curricular activities, our students take the lead in making the world a better place. Whether they are feeding homeless people on the streets, packing boxes at the Food Bank,bringing joy to nursing home residents or even creating their own initiatives such as the Solidarity Sleepout, our students bring the Torah to life by active mitzvot.

Take the Lead

RKYHS students are always starting something....and we encourage it! They know that they can approach the administration and suggest new clubs or activities, and that their suggestions will be supported and brought to life. We love hearing their ideas and derive a tremendous amount of satisfaction from watching quiet students step up and become leaders in the arts, science, politics, davening, sports, and learning.